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shoulder bags

iPad sleeves
hand made from durable and earth friendly materials
strong and soft hemp webbing strap
an outer pocket on each side for quick access
two zippered pockets for things needing extra protection
soft, thick polyester fleece on the inside provides solid protection from scratches and bumps
flap stays down with gravity and velcro for quick, frustration free access

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what the professional say

down with design

The Jack Bauer Macbook shoulder bag is most definitely one of the best bags I’ve ever used. It’s so simplistic, but stands out from the crowd of average shoulder bags. It’s not bulky, but still holds so much, being just the perfect size. The adjustable strap stays comfortably around your shoulder with having any worry of it falling off.

Overall I love the bag's look and feel. It's something I'll take with me the next time I go traveling. It's also the most comfortable bag I've ever owned. The burlap is soft and not scratchy. It's also flexible enough that the bag curves around you if you don't have much in it. The bag is also incredibly light, making it that much more comfortable.

mac tuts

At $125, it won't fall under anyone's definition of "cheap," but considering that it's handmade in Utah and backed by some pretty outstanding people, I'd trust it to last longer than any mass market bag costing nearly as much.

"For those who are environmentally conscious and appreciate a well-made shoulder bag, then the ColcaSac Jack Bauer model is an excellent choice. The bag is well constructed and will protect the user’s electronic devices from harm.”


what our customers say

My ColcaSac sleeve for my MacBook Pro is from the days when you were still AppleSac. I've enjoyed seeing the brand become so popular. Putting my stuff in my messenger bag makes me feel like I'm putting it in the fuzziest, most comfy hoodie, and that makes me happy :) -C West

I wanted to take the time to mention that I received my shoulder bag today in record shipping time. I live in Australia and domestic mail here takes longer than to ship from the US. Absolutely love your quality product, really look forward to showing it off. Thank you for an easy transaction. -L Fisher

A few months before, I was looking for an iPad cover in order to carry it during a trip. My boyfriend found ColcaSac and surprised me with the iPad cover (the pink one) for my birthday. Then I bought a shoulder bag and I now use it as a purse every day. I would recommend it to someone that needed one. I also recommend this company to anyone who is looking for an iPad cover. They probably noticed that I bought a lot of iPad covers, but no they aren't all mine, some were Christmas gifts! -F Larochelle

Thank you ColcaSac! Tonight, I received my new Juan Valdez Shoulder Bag and Juan Valdez MacBook Pro with Retina Display sleeve. They are joining their little bro, my Juan Valdez iPad 3 with Smart Cover sleeve. Fell in love with my iPad sleeve so I HAD to make a set! -R Kaplarczuk

I bought my a ColcaSac shoulder bag a few months ago and I love it! I was looking for something besides a backpack that I could carry my laptop in after school and on weekends. ColcaSac is perfect! It's comfortable, durable and makes a statement. I highly recommend this product! -G Richards

The idea for ColcaSac began as one of the cofounders began working his way through college. He wanted a simple and effective way to carry his PowerBook (yeah, this was a long time ago) without the bulk of a big bag, and without the lame look of neoprene. Our focus is on using unique approaches to protecting and carrying our gear. We make products that protect our gear, look great, are easier on the Earth, and don’t bulk up our electronics. We specialize in using strong, natural fibers and extra thick and soft fleece. ColcaSac's headquarters are located below the Wasatch Mountains, but we have employees seeking adventure scattered around the globe.

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We guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products, just send it back to us for a replacement, repair, or refund within 60 days.