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iPad sleeves
hand made from durable and earth friendly materials, like hemp
pocket holds your connecting cord or headphones, even your power adapter
we use velcro rather than zippers for quicker access to your macbook
tailered fit for your specific macbook, making it secure and comfortable to carry in your hand
we use breathable materials that allows your macbook to quickly cool down
soft, thick polyester fleece provides your macbook protection from life in an urban jungle

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I am 100% happy with my ColcaSac. The materials are brilliant, the price is competitive and it does exactly what I want. The only downside is that I am not sure it would offer much protection if you were to drop it on the floor but I intend to be extremely careful since my new laptop is now incredibly important to my career and now my ColcaSac is too! So much so that I’m tempted to buy another one or maybe even a sleeve for my phone.

There’s only one MacBook sleeve that I personally recommend, and it’s ColcaSac. They’re super stylish, custom made to fit your computer and very well padded, so you know your Mac will be safe.

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The items really do look as awesome in the flesh as they do in images, and the Air sleeve is honestly soft enough to fold over and use as a pillow when shoved up against the wall in a coach airline seat. They look incredible, feel even better, and do an outstanding job of projecting my kit while keeping them free of scuffs. By my count, that's three for three.

"Unlike other sleeves I had in the past, which were a little more thick and bulky to protect the MacBook, the Juan Valdez sleeve is thin, yet it’s just as protective, if not more. The wool in the sleeve gives the MacBook a sort of cushion and since its tightly fit, it’s not moving about one bit in the sleeve.”


what our customers say

I LOVE my ColcaSac. Honestly, I haven't lugged it around THAT much as my computer primarily stays in my apartment, but when I do tote it around, it feels incredibly secure inside the ColcaSac. I have received compliments on it, and it seems like it'll last forever. It's so soft on the inside, so I'm never worried about my precious laptop being scratched. -L Bowman

I would have to say the size is definitely a plus, which is what I was going for, and the ultra soft lining protects my laptop from scratches. If I were to make any suggestion for improvement, the only thing I can really think of is the size of the front pocket... It barley fits my charger, but it does fit it! Not a huge deal. -C Rangel

Since my first ColcaSac (iPad 2 Sleeve), I have purchased one for my Retina and a custom one for my 3DS. I also convinced two people I work with to purchase your stuff. I love ColcaSac because it's handmade and from the USA. I hate putting casing on my products, but I want them to be protected, that's why I chose to go with ColcaSac initially. S Black

I absolutely LOVE my ColcaSac. It looks so good and it really protects my Mac. So many people have commented on it and asked me where I got it. It has been a year since I got it and it is still in great nick... not a thread out of place! -K Grehan

I love our ColcaSac. It's sleek and makes the computer more packable. Works well to protect it. Its texture is so nice to handle. I wish there was a ColcaSac for me to wear! -D Johnson

Sure, ColcaSac's products are easy on the eyes, but I've had my ColcaSac sleeve with my Macbook since 2008 and it's lasted soooo long. One time, my Macbook fell out of my backpack and if it wasn't for the ColcaSac sleeve it was in, it would have been a goner! So thanks, ColcaSac, for keeping my gadgets warm and safe! J Franco

I love how unique the designs of each case are. I get comments regularly on how stylish they are, to say nothing of how well my Macbook has actually been protected from a few drops! -N Graves

I love the overall look and feel, as well as the amazing materials used. I'm jealous of my MacBook Pro on a regular basis, as he gets to slip in that cozy, furry cave. -M Zimmer

If sleeves were bigger and me smaller, i'd sleep in them! ;) They are really great. Very good looks and quality. And the pocket always come handy for iPad. -A Johnson

I just love the quality of it. I use it for my Macbook and it's fantastic. It's durable and I feel like such a hipster when I use it. :) I can't wait to scrounge up some more money to buy a whole matching set! M Lane

The idea for ColcaSac began as one of the cofounders began working his way through college. He wanted a simple and effective way to carry his PowerBook (yeah, this was a long time ago) without the bulk of a big bag, and without the lame look of neoprene. Our focus is on using unique approaches to protecting and carrying our gear. We make products that protect our gear, look great, are easier on the Earth, and don’t bulk up our electronics. We specialize in using strong, natural fibers and extra thick and soft fleece. ColcaSac's headquarters are located below the Wasatch Mountains, but we have employees seeking adventure scattered around the globe.

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We guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products, just send it back to us for a replacement, repair, or refund within 60 days.