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kindle sleeves

Kindlle sleeves
hand made from durable and earth friendly materials, like hemp
small pocket holds your connecting cord or headphones
we use velcro rather than zippers for quicker access to your kindle
tailered fit for your kindle, making it secure and comfortable to carry in your hand
soft, thick polyester fleece provides your kindle protection from life in an urban jungle
we use breathable materials that allows your kindle to quickly cool down

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what the professional say

down with design

The Uintah sleeve has held up well. A spilled drink left no stain on the canvas, and it was thick enough to prevent quickly-cleaned liquid from making its way through. The fleece lining is thick enough and soft enough that there is no reason to suspect anything has a chance of scratching through it.

TThe ColcaSac Kindle Case holds the Kindle securely, so there’s no bouncing around within the case, but not so tight as to have difficulty removing the Kindle. The 100% polyester fleece lining protects the screen and gives the entire case cushioning.

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ColcaSac cases are thick and soft, and have an organic look. These sleeves are very protective and your tablet or ereader will easily survive in a backpack or a suitcase while in this case.

"The discreet ColcaSac sleeve is unique and a breath of fresh air from the carbon copy neoprene competition. Each design adds an original flavor unseen in sleeves today including the natural appeal of the original sleeve made from all-natural environmentally friendly fabrics.”


what our customers say

I love the ColcaSac! I've been getting them since they were AppleSac for all my devices. You actually customized the Kindle cover with my Nook's dimensions and I love it. I have one for my iPad and gave another Nook cover to my mom for her birthday which she loves! I just had to wash my iPad cover because milk got spilled on it. The iPad was totally fine thanks to the ColcaSac! And it was washed in the washer and air dried and is like new again. Thanks so much! -S Broderick

I love the ColcaSac I recently purchased for my Kindle. The sleeve fits my Kindle perfectly, even with a leather cover on. As always, I am impressed by the quality of your work! Excellent product! -K Folds

Let me say that my husband and I own a total of 5 of your sleeves of various sizes, and absolutely love all of them! Maybe I'll send a photo sometime. I wouldn't dream of covering my electronics with anything else. -E Laix

The idea for ColcaSac began as one of the cofounders began working his way through college. He wanted a simple and effective way to carry his PowerBook (yeah, this was a long time ago) without the bulk of a big bag, and without the lame look of neoprene. Our focus is on using unique approaches to protecting and carrying our gear. We make products that protect our gear, look great, are easier on the Earth, and don’t bulk up our electronics. We specialize in using strong, natural fibers and extra thick and soft fleece. ColcaSac's headquarters are located below the Wasatch Mountains, but we have employees seeking adventure scattered around the globe.

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our guarantee


We guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products, just send it back to us for a replacement, repair, or refund within 60 days.