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iphone sleeves

iPhone sleeves
hand made from durable and earth friendly materials, like hemp
we use breathable materials that allows your iphone to quickly cool down
open ended sleeve for quick access to your iphone
snug fit makes it secure and comfortable to carry in your hand
soft, thick polyester fleece provides your iphone protection from life in an urban jungle

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down with design

ColcaSac’s gear truly does feel strong and protective. The sleeves we received were a little snug for our liking—you really have to tug to get them on, like trying to fit into pants that are one size too small—but they’re still excellent. They don’t feel the slightest bit cheap, and in fact will more than likely last the lifetime of your gadget—and then some.

The ColcaSac Juan Valdez iPhone Sleeve is an excellent product. It does what it is intended to do, protect your iPhone while looking stylish. If you try this sleeve you will get favorable comments from those who see it. The sleeve is a unique and stylish way to keep your iPhone safe from harm.

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In a world of machines and mass production, it is refreshing there are still a few companies creating their product the old fashioned way – by hand.

The brand shows that you don’t have to think about things in the same way as all the other companies by releasing an eco-warrior friendly hemp canvas pouch with a thick, snug lining. It looks and feels so soft and warm, I’d love to have a human sized one to sleep in.


what our customers say

I love how fashionably well it protects my iPhone. I bought it when I had my iPhone 4 and it still works great for my iPhone 5. -R Casebier

I love the amount of protection they offer my stuff. I never need to worry about what kind of bag I throw my iPhone, iPad and MacBook into, the cases make sure they'll never get scratched or buffed up. It also helps that they look amazing and perfectly compliment Apples style! -J Traynor

I love that they are made from hemp and are all fuzzy inside, protecting my gadgets really well. -S Yushkov

Marlana and Tyler from Louisiana want to thank ColcaSac for all the aesthetically pleasing protective sleeves! Thank you! I'll never leave ColcaSac! -T Callais

Got my Juan Valdez for the MacBook and iPhone today. Just wanted to say how pleased I am. They look as cool in real life as they do in pictures. The iPhone case is a very snug fit, but I think the fleecy material will shrink a bit with use, so that should be fine! Also, it was thankfully not held up at customs. -N Boomsma

I bought the Zagora sleeve for my iPhone only a few days ago, and I was happily amazed to receive it today. Being advertised for "Max Protection," the Zagora did not disappoint; it feels tough yet has a nice texture, and I love how secure my phone looks inside it. Since I'm leaving to study abroad next week, it makes me feel relieved to know that my phone will be safe while I travel through SE Asia, and for such an affordable price! I’ll be looking forward to picking up a new sleeve for my MacBook Pro when I come back… if I don’t bite the bullet and buy it now! -Z Tuner

I ♥ my Damask Colcasac sleeves for both my iphone and mac. I bought them a year ago. Both sleeves protect and clean my gadgets' screens. Also, I always get compliments on how kewl they look :) -S Archer

The idea for ColcaSac began as one of the cofounders began working his way through college. He wanted a simple and effective way to carry his PowerBook (yeah, this was a long time ago) without the bulk of a big bag, and without the lame look of neoprene. Our focus is on using unique approaches to protecting and carrying our gear. We make products that protect our gear, look great, are easier on the Earth, and don’t bulk up our electronics. We specialize in using strong, natural fibers and extra thick and soft fleece. ColcaSac's headquarters are located below the Wasatch Mountains, but we have employees seeking adventure scattered around the globe.

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We guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products, just send it back to us for a replacement, repair, or refund within 60 days.