ipad sleeves

iPad sleeves
hand made from durable and earth friendly materials
pockets holds your connecting cord or headphones
we use velcro rather than zippers for quicker access to your ipad
snuggly fits around your ipad, making it secure and comfortable to carry in your hand
soft, thick polyester fleece provides solid protection from scratches and bumps
we use breathable materials that allows your ipad quickly cool down

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“My search for the perfect iPad sleeve ended when I discovered the ColcaSac iPad sleeve. The ColcaSac I have is the Hanakapiai model. It's got a soft cotton interior that gives the iPad's screen a nice wipe every time it's taken out of the sleeve, helping wipe away fingerprint smears."

The big selling point for the ColcaSac line of iPad cases is that they are environmentally friendly. The fleece-lined covers are perfect for the iPad owner who wants to be a friend to the planet."

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"Anyone looking to protect their new iPad, while at the same time staying close to the earth, should look no further than ColcaSac. Their beautiful and natural sleeves are the perfect carrying case!”

"...you will get supreme protection, a comfortable deign, and an overall great product which is why we can’t help but to fully recommend ColcaSac’s iPad Sleeve and award it a 4.5/5"

what our customers say

I love that my iPad case is soft and made from natural materials. I love that it is not ostentatious but still luxurious. I love that it doesn't draw attention to it's expensive contents thus drawing the eye of potential thieves. -David O.

Since my first ColcaSac (iPad Sleeve), I have purchased one for my Retina and a custom one for my 3DS. I also convinced two people I work with to purchase your stuff. I love ColcaSac because it's handmade and from the USA. I hate putting casing on my products, but I want them to be protected, that's why I chose to go with ColcaSac initially. -Steve B.

The materials and feel of the ColcaSac is spot-on. It's one of the highest quality iPad cases I've ever used, and it's survived the first year with no damage whatsoever. It's so soft that I've used it as a pillow on occasion. And the iPad protection isn't that bad, either. Jason R.

I love the ColcaSac iPad Case and have used it every day since purchase. I have had several positive comments when people have seen it. I like the look and feel and it protects the iPad well. No suggestions to improve, I like the pocket and use it for iPhone and glasses case. -R. Fox

I love that they are all natural and handmade. They look and feel very comfortable, like your favorite fleece jacket. I felt like stuffing my face into my Uintah iPad sleeve as soon as I got it xD I totally would've if I could! -W. Said

Love the hemp, and love the style, and I must say I love ripping that velcro to pull out my iPad! The whole experience is quite comforting :) J. Ingalls

I like the most how you do your products. I like the design, materials, support etc. And the heavy duty hemp is really cool and stylish and it is the best way to protect my iPad. And I am very excited about the non scratch Velcro which is awesome! I hope your products will be my only covers for my Apple lineup. -P. Zdarsky

I love how simple ColcaSac makes storing and keeping my iPad safe, and how organic the ColcaSac looks and feels. I never have to worry about it and I can walk around with it knowing I have a stylish, fun way to protect my device. I hope I can get another soon for Kindle and my MacBook! I love ColcaSac products! -Z Beckmann

I like the simplicity of the styling and the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. I like the fact that it really turns heads, standing out amongst the myriad other cases available. And, most important, I like the fact that it protects my iPad. -C. Smith

Amazing products, ColcaSac is nothing short of Amazing products with amazing people working there! -J Castro

The idea for ColcaSac began as one of the cofounders began working his way through college. He wanted a simple and effective way to carry his PowerBook (yeah, this was a long time ago) without the bulk of a big bag, and without the lame look of neoprene. Our focus is on using unique approaches to protecting and carrying our gear. We make products that protect our gear, look great, are easier on the Earth, and don’t bulk up our electronics. We specialize in using strong, natural fibers and extra thick and soft fleece. ColcaSac's headquarters are located below the Wasatch Mountains, but we have employees seeking adventure scattered around the globe.

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We guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products, just send it back to us for a replacement, repair, or refund within 60 days.